The End of the Age

matt-botsford-610989-unsplashBy Zac Poonen

  1. There was no clear understanding in Old Testament times about life after death and about God’s plan for the future. But Jesus taught very clearly about both these matters. It’s good for us to know about these matters too.

    After Death What?
    Death has no terror for a disciple of Christ, for Jesus has conquered death. Death is a defeated enemy. Jesus died and made Satan powerless thereby so that we need no longer have any fear of death (Hebrews 2:14, 15). The keys of death are now in the hand of Jesus (Revelation 1:18). Only He can open the door of death for any of His disciples now. Satan can’t touch them.

    What happens when a man dies? Jesus answered this question clearly when He spoke about the rich man and Lazarus. It would be good if you read Luke 16:19-31 right now, before proceeding any further….

    This is not a parable – for in no parable did Jesus ever use a man’s name as he did here. Both the rich man and Lazarus were real people. Continue Reading

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