By C. William Fisher

(Excerpt from Life’s Significant Obsession)
Soul winning is life’s supreme endeavor because it enables man to participate in God’s redemptive purpose and plan. In this chrome-plated, gadgety age of ours, man is constantly confronted with a sense of futility — a feeling that life doesn’t mean anything. The evidences of this inner anxiety and frustration are everywhere abundant. What we desperately need, as Robert
Maynard Hutchins says, is “a mooring to something that is lasting, something that gives Us a sense of place in the world, of stability of purpose and significance in life. And,” he continues, “if you have a chance to tie up to something lasting, something effectively representing the effort to ennoble human experience, you had better get a firm hold on it without delay. You will need something of that sort before you are through with life.”
What could be more lasting, what could be more eternally significant, than that great redemptive endeavor that began long before the morning stars sang together, and that will continue long after time has spilled over into eternity? For “the Lamb [was] slain from the foundation of the world,” and throughout eternity God will be busy making man more like Jesus.
God’s first purpose now is not creative, but redemptive! God’s great purpose now is not to create more stars or spark more suns; God’s first purpose now is to redeem lost men!
It did not bankrupt heaven’s resources to make man. But it did take heaven’s brightest jewel to redeem man. Creation came from the mind of God. But redemption came from the heart of God. Out of the mind of God came the world to nourish and sustain man, but out of the heart of God came Jesus to redeem man.
God did not send His only Son into the world merely to teach ignorant men or merely to guide groping men or to feed hungry men or to heal sick men. God did send His Son to die on the cross to redeem sinful men!
Oh, the lift and lilt and fullness it gives to life to share in God’s eternal purpose and plan in redeeming lost men! We are not spectators; we are participants in the divine plan. And so it is that we fulfill our own highest destiny only as we bring lost men and women to Christ.


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